No overprovision in Shetland, Board decides [13.3.19]
Police seek public drinking ban throughout East Lothian [12.3.19]
Convenience store licence revoked following drugs concerns [27.2.19]
Council's ban on pubs outwith city centre sparks social impact fears [24.2.19]
Call for reversal of new Aberdeen hours policy [26.1.19]
Kirkcaldy pub licence suspended following drugs capture [26.1.19]
Dundee Board "frustrated" by constraints on transfer consideration [26.1.19]
Related: "Chaotic scenes" as objectors protest transfer grant [19.1.19]
Application withdrawn after health and safety concerns [22.1.19]
Man jailed for alcohol agency purchase [17.1.19]
Aberdeen nightclubs fear "implosion" following 3 am pub trading [9.1.19]
"Hundreds of arrests" fuel calls for airport alcohol controls [1.1.19]
Borders Council reboots public alcohol ban consultation [22.12.18]

Economy boost overcomes overprovision objection [18.12.18]
Police restrict nightclub capacity following drug concerns [7.12.18]
Peebles pub's struggle with children's access objections [21.11.18]
Borders Board members "incensed" by unpaid fees [19.11.18]
Midlothian pub staff told to monitor alcohol consumption of adults with children [17.11.18]

East Lothian overprovision statement "scrapped" [24.10.18]
Restaurant community benefits overcome "health" objection [21.11.18]
Parents try to buy gin accompanied by their children… Supermarket staff call police [18.10.18]
Fife Licensing Board rejects overprovision policy proposals [11.10.18]

Glasgow pub and club operators split on 4 am trading [10.11.18]
Personal licence endorsed falling failure to disclose assault conviction [3.10.18]
Drinks fridge lands shop in hot water [3.10.18]
Edinburgh floating hotel "party boat" fears [29.9.18]
Board rejects shopping centre "rave nights" licence bid  [25.9.18]
Health campaigners hit out at Hogmanay "free drams" [21.9.18]
Pub's outdoor drinking banned following "provocative" songs [19.8.18]

City hours plan "fatal" to clubs
Personal licence refusal "circumvented" by loophole [13.9.18]
Glasgow Board proposes "more European approach" to late opening venues [16.8.18]

Fake ID in Dundee nightclubs "commonplace" [16.8.18]
Licence fee surpluses: SLTA calls for "debate" [16.8.18]

NHS Fife bid to block Marks and Spencer and Iceland licences [14.8.18]
Shetland off-sales overcomes NHS "accessibility and visibility" objection [8.8.18]
Call to limit Lerwick licences [7.7.18]
Ryanair calls for airport alcohol sales restrictions [18.6.18]
Dundee overprovision policy blocks shop's licence bid [18.6.18]
Licensing lawyers slam immigration checks [12.4.18]

Alcohol-free Prosecco confectionery sparks "outrage" [19.2.18]
Licensing committee member slams immigration checks burden [9.4.18]
Plea for St Andrews overprovision exemption [31.3.18]
Dundee Board approves "speakeasy" bar [24.3.18]
"Too costly" for Police to track youth drinking problem [13.3.18]
Push for Fife off-sales ban [9.3.18]
Sexual entertainment venue licensing "a step closer" [2.3.18]
North Ayrshire pubs "dealt royal wedding blow" [27.2.18]
East Lothian sets sexual entertainment venues number at zero [19.2.18]
Perth police respond to "rash" of underage drinking incidents [13.2.18]
Councillors brand disabled statements "wholly bizarre" [16.12.17]
Foodbank charity "condemns" theatre's outdoor drinking plan [19.11.17]
Agency purchase crackdown: 38 adults charged [31.10.17]
Perth winter blitz on "underage drinking" [18.11.17]
Supreme Court rules on "dishonesty" in casino "cheating" case [26.10.17]
Licence revoked following football lock-in [9.10.17]

London Uber ruling "will have little impact" in Scotland [24.9.17]
Airlines call for airport alcohol sales restrictions [21.9.17]
Community football club gets licence after pitch invasion fears overcome [13.9.17]
Police put Aberdeen pubs and clubs through paces [8.9.17]
Alcohol-fuelled youth disturbances 'plague' Perth and Kinross [7.8.17]
South Ayrshire pubs, hotel closed after transfer deadline miss [7.8.17]
Undercover police 'round up scores of drunken kids' [28.7.17]
Hotel beer tent bid overcomes Police objection [25.7.17]
GPs claim poorest Scots would "gain most" from minimum pricing [12.7.17]
Councillor proposes low-alcohol drinks solution for youths' antisocial behaviour [9.7.17]
Forecourt shops "worst performers" in age check tests [7.7.17]
East Lothian Board rejects petrol station licence bid [2.7.17]
Minimum pricing "almost over the finishing line" [18.6.17]
Police Scotland call for bigger role in licensing decisions [16.5.17]
Fresh calls for urgent Guidance update [11.5.17]
"Fit and proper person" test needs clarity [11.5.17]  Call to ban alcohol from North-East Council premises when children present [26.2.17]

Next Aberdeen licensing policy must help late-night venues [31.3.17]
Harry Potter festival cancelled following "policing and licensing concerns" [30.3.17]
'Fury' as Lanarkshire petrol station given licence green light [27.3.17]
"In the wrong place"… neighbours' objections sink Memorial Hall's licence bid [26.3.17]
Police Scotland tell Aberdeen Board club's 4 am licence bid could threaten Force finances [16.3.17]
Calls for advert ban part of alcohol 'demonisation' [1.3.17]
Holyrood urged to ban alcohol adverts in public spaces [28.2.17]
Leading lawyers line up to lambast 'clear as mud' legislation [16.3.17]
Shop's licence revoked following out-of-hours sales [26.2.17]
Iceland bids for Clydebank warehouse licence [22.2.17]
Post Office fears newsagent's licence bid could impact on community safety [15.2.17]
Call for "pragmatic approach" as Aberdeen operators bid for longer hours [13.2.17]
Paisley Sheriff issues "underage drinking" warning [11.2.17]
Kebab shop owner "furious" after licence KO [10.2.17]
Availability fears as Edinburgh home delivery service launches [10.2.17]
Call for online sales crackdown as city home delivery service launches [1.12.17]
NHS objection fails to block Aberdeen halls of residence licence [19.1.17]

Alcohol charity calls for outright price promotions ban
and ban on alcohol sponsorship [16.1.17]
Aberdeen club "mothballed" after failure of 4am licence bid [9.1.17]
SLLP conference hears call for 10-year review of 2005 Act [6.1.17]
Stirling Licensing Board rejects licensees late extra festive hours bids [18.12.16]
Irvine shop's licence bid fails at fourth attempt [18.12.16]
Overprovision block on Irvine nightclub bid [14.12.16]
Campaigners fail in bid to block Costcutters licence [2.12.16]
Amazon fulfilment centre plans spark "hazardous drinking" fears [21.11.16]
NHS report suggests dramatic cut in off-sales hours [7.11.16]

Major Dundee music festival gets licence approval [4.11.16]
Angus Police launch 'Operation Quest' [1.11.16]
Struggling restaurant survives locals' objections [30.10.16]
Board recognises club's community contribution [29.10.16]
Karaoke complaints threaten city centre pub [29.10.16]
Borders Board urged to reject primary school Halloween party bid [19.10.16]
North-East Police launch 'DISCO' initiative [4.10.16]
Council warns of public entertainment licence changes [19.9.16]
Policing costs may 'strangle' plans for alcohol on junior football clubs' terraces [9.9.16]
Related: Junior football club surrenders 'alcohol on the terraces' licence [18.8.16]
Deliveroo set to expand 'stand-alone' alcohol delivery offer [8.9.16]
Edinburgh Board Convener attacks bids to block music rules change [1.9.16]
'Wineathalon' set to become 'Pieathalon' [1.9.16]
Super-strength alcohol research fuels minimum pricing debate [25.8.16]
Children banned from air show entertainment tent following licence refusal [25.8.16]
Moray reduces licensing fees by 20 per cent [13.8.16]
Airports reject airline's call for morning alcohol ban [8.8.16]
Glasgow campaign to 'beat teen boozing' [1.8.16]
Perth and Kinross Licensing Board launches 'wide ranging' overprovision consultation [1.8.16]
'Protecting children' objective blocks occasional licence bid for Borders family event [27.6.16]
Theatre licence lapse showstopper [26.7.16]
Alcohol charity boss slams T in The Park drunkenness [9.6.16]
Minimum pricing judgment due 'in near future' [9.7.16]
Judges urged to make 'wise' minimum pricing decision [8.7.16]
Club's occasional licences granted despite 'licensing on the cheap' concerns [21.6.16]
Minimum pricing challenge back in court [7.6.16]
Aberdeen pub wins security staff relaxation [12.5.16]
Perth extends pavement café hours [11.5.16]

Training regime clinches chemist's licence [28.4.16]
North Ayrshire Board consults on football alcohol sales [27.4.16]
Borders Board set to revisit hours policy [8.4.16]

Call for club glass ban after Dundee attack [30.3.16]
Senior police officer: Cheap alcohol fuelling Highlands crime [25.3.16]
Call for more supermarket alcohol retailing restrictions [23.3.16]
Second licence chance for East Lothian shop [4.3.16]
Aldi launch appeal against Dundee overprovision refusal [3.3.16]
SHAAP puts 'alcohol-only' checkouts back on the agenda
Convenor sinks 'tangled web' store licence bid
Illegal dial-a-drink services: an 'emerging epidemic' [5.2.16]
Dundee Board rejects 'high-end' restaurant licence bid
Stirling Board rejects police objection to new family Italian restaurant
Aberdeen nightclub's 4 am bid rejected [11.12.15]
Golf club's drink-driving licence plea for earlier licensed hours [6.12.15]
Aberdeen store's licence bid: NHS 'fears for local residents' [6.12.15]
Licence granted for major pub investment as Board rejects police objection
'Dial-a-drink' services 'delivering booze to schoolkids' [6.11.15]
Police fears over students' 'drink while you queue' bid [28.10.15]
Couple held in Glasgow 'dial-a-drink' raid
Chief Constable 'rebukes' Licensing Board for policy exceptions
Campaigners urge MSPs to cut 'tonic wine' caffeine [14.10.15]
Study says Dundee is alcohol and tobacco 'hotspot' [14.10.15]
Argyll & Bute Board launches overprovision consultation
Ex-Justice Secretary calls for supermarkets licence fee hike
Civil liberties row as police 'stop and swab' nightclub customers [6.9.15]
Residents' anger over club's 4 am extension
Police Scotland foil organised criminals' licence bid [26.8.15]
'Dundee's drink problem laid bare' [4.8.15]
Organised crime claims sink personal licence [31.7.15]
Board member cites 'war zone' experience as 'Commons Riding' late licence bid fails [30.7.15]
Campaigner's anger at rugby ground late licence [30.7.15]
Highland games licence row [6.7.15]

Trade bodies call for 'simpler' licensing legislation [25.6.15]
Interactive map shows 'alcohol risk' zones
NHS Board creates new post to boost community engagement [18.5.15]
Interactive map shows 'alcohol risk' zones
NHS Board creates new post to boost community engagement
Innovative Borders developments reflect 'cultural shift'
'Romantic' Kelso nightclub later open bid rejected
Board blasts 'sensationalist' NHS licence objection [29.4.15]
Fast-food chain drops alco-shakes from Inverness menu [16.4.15]
Rugby club in stadium complex alcohol sale row [10.4.15]
Licensing Bill plans for 'alcohol ASBOs' [7.4.15]

NHS calls for alcohol purchase ban on under 21s [5.4.15]
Election candidate slams Board's 'break with Highland tradition' [4.4.15]
Nightclub vodka offer branded 'reckless' [19.3.15]

Glasgow restaurant hit with emergency closure order [27.2.15]
Call to reduce alcohol purchase age row [12.2.15]
Alcohol home deliveries 'worry' police [30.1.15]

Edinburgh Board convener intervenes in superpub row [17.1.15]
Westminster Labour would ban 'super-sized' bottles of cider [15.1.15]

'Huge drop' in wines sales following multibuy ban [2.1.15]
West Dunbartonshire crackdown on agency purchases [30.12.14]
Health campaigners re-launch calls for sponsorship ban [26.12.14]

Dundee bar ordered to close on football match days [19.12.14]
Edinburgh Board refuses Sainsbury's alcohol display increase [17.12.14]
Paisley pub's licence revoked [15.12.14]
Inverclyde Board Convener vows to tackle alcohol misuse [13.12.14]
Dozens of Inverclyde licence holders face fee default sanctions [3.12.14]
Renfrewshire Licensing Board launches overprovision consultation [2.12.14]
Scottish Borders Board cracks down on annual fee defaulters [29.11.14]
Report urges action on alcohol sales to drunks [22.11.14]

Annual fee defaulters slammed for wasting time and money [11.11.14]
Row over extra hours for pub in Dalkeith overprovision area [7.11.14]
Report: Alcohol-related hospital admissions falling fastest in most deprived areas [28.10.14] 
Drop in assaults following end of Inverness curfew [23.10.14]
Aberdeenshire blitz on 52 annual fee defaulters [22.10.14]
Inverness pub granted nightclub hours despite 'precedent' warning [8.10.14]
European Commission calls for minimum pricing submissions [12.9.14]
Labour club secures late-night referendum hours [8.9.14]

Calls for further Government guidance on policy statements [4.9.14]
SHAAP ramps up minimum pricing campaign at Euro seminar [1.9.14]

Dundee nightclub's 6 am bid 'cause for concern' [19.8.14]
Dundee off-sales application faces hundreds of objections [8.8
Board members clash over vacant chairmanship [4.8.14]
Licensing Board rejects police calls for Festival alcohol controls [5.7.14]

Clubs back calls for football match alcohol pilot [21.6.14]
Perth resident claims pub noise levels seriously affected health [8.6.14]
Buckfast launch limited edition cans for barbecue season [19.5.14]
Minimum pricing challenge referred to European Court [2.5.14]
Personal licence revoked following fake gin sales [2.5.14]
Fife Board revokes 'fun pub' licence [18.4.14]
Glasgow casino club suffers late-night hours cutback [14.4.14]
Midlothian Licensing Board opens overprovision consultation [6.4.14]

Glasgow Police embark on total test-purchasing blitz [4.4.14]
Ethical Standards Commissioner rules on Board member's treatment of objectors [24.3.14]
Off-licences rapped over age-verification failures [20.3.14]

Alcohol-related health admissions drop by 7% [28.2.14]
Scotland shows biggest drop in alcohol-related deaths [24.2.14]
'Due diligence': Appeal against underage sales conviction upheld [20.2.14]
'Fair trial' concerns: Review hearing adjourned [15.2.14]
Police say new 'off-sale licences' in 25 Highland area should be 'discouraged' [6.11.13]

Glasgow pub owners fear 'breakfast licence' ban will lead to job losses [2.11.13]
Edinburgh pub 'dogged by violent clashes' order to close [1.11.13]

Alex Neil: Margaret Thatcher to blame for Scotland's drink problem [12.2.14]
'No consideration' was given to minimum pricing lawfulness [10.2.14]
Minimum pricing challenge back in court [6.2.14]

Police raid club after standards officers' visit [12.1.14]
'Price not always right in booze battle' [4.1.14]
Sharp fall in rail alcohol crime [2.1.14]
Campaigners block Rose Street 'superpub' [21.12.13]
Aberdeen Board rejects later hour application to stop 'avalanche' [13.12.13]

Multibuy ban 'seemingly ineffective' in reducing consumption [1.12.13]
Public health experts say football match alcohol ban must stay [23.11.13]
NHS objects to chilled alcohol cabinets in convenience store application [11.11.13]
Chief Constable: 'Challenge 25' leading to more agency purchases [28.10.13]
Suspension blues for Dundee bar [26.10.13]
English Councils warned over minimum pricing moves [19.10.13]

Brian Monteith: 'Neo-prohibitionists have kept quite about falling booze consumption' [30.9.13]
Sham wedding conviction leads to personal licence refusal [29.9.13]

Dundee off-sale bid withdrawn after objections flood [16.9.13]
Scottish Tories call for end to football alcohol ban [7.9.13]
Highland Board consults on off-sales block [1.9.13]
Dundee health group pledges continued off-sales opposition [1.9.13]
Aberdeen nightclub fears [24.8.13]
Dundee off-sales warning [9.8.13]
Call for block on new pubs and off-sales in Stranraer and Dumfries [21.11.13]

Bags carry proxy purchase warning [18.7.13]
SNP condemns Tory minimum-pricing u-turn  [13.7.13]
Railways alcohol-related crime doubles after ban [12.7.13]
Hotel drink ban after year's unlicensed sales [6.7.13]
Dundee considers 4 am nightclub opening [5.7.13]
Hotel drink ban after year's unlicensed sales [6.7.13]
Dundee considers 4 am nightclub opening [5.7.13]

NHS calls for total block on new Dundee off-sales [5.7.13]
Licence revoked following alcohol sales to young boys [2.7.13]

Pub licence revoked following drug use claims [1.7.13]
Edinburgh late-hours catering under review [30.6.13]
Borders consult on public alcohol ban [19.6.13]
Unlicensed party leads to personal licence loss [18.6.13]
Borders consult on public alcohol ban
Unlicensed party leads to personal licence loss [18.6.13]

Call for Board to 'get strong' on late-hours policy [14.6.13]
Inverclyde reviews midnight curfew [8.6.13]
Bootleg beer seizures soar [7.6.13]
Board rejects pre-match drinks bid [5.6.13]
Train crimes surge despite alcohol ban [3.6.13]
Council employee quizzed over lap dancing licence [25.5.13]
Tougher multibuy ban planned south of border [10.12.12]
Board calls for change to 'relevant offences' hearings
Off-licences shut over stolen goods claims [4.11.12]
Boards under pressure to follow Edinburgh policy change [20.5.13]
Scientists devise fake alcohol test [18.5.13]

Licensing forums 'trying to do boards' work'
Buckfast distributor rejects crime link claims
Nightclub boss hits out over 'criminal slur' [4.5.13]
Industry must have voice in alcohol policy consultations
Dingwall pubs Sunday match day early opening bid fails
Call to lift alcohol ban at football matches [28.4.13]
Prosecution stats: 'Enforce existing law'
Football match curbs row
Drink and food sectors 'blocking health policies'
Hotel owner claims licence ban cost £20k
Coalition minimum pricing U-turn reignites booze cruise fears
Board Convener's wage controversy [25.3.13]
Health partnership calls for off-sales curb [25.3.13]
Industry blasts calls for alcohol warnings
Health boss opposes 10 am licence for Dens Park
Westminster should follow Scotland on pricing
Borders councillors welcome alcohol report [8.3.13]
Pub's final early opening warning
Minimum pricing 'will fail to deal with problem drinking'
Hotel avoids ban after guest death [3.2.13]
Fans early-morning drinking sessions lead to licence suspension
Buckfast tablet is 'irresponsible'
Lib Dems call for action on sales to drunks
Edinburgh plans 11 am Sunday opening
Sainsbury's face product bans in Perth
South Lanarkshire Board membership row
Alcohol ban licensee caught on camera [24.10.12]
Age policy presents further challenges [20.10.12]
LSO points up Alcohol Act confusion [14.10.11]
Multi-buys face ban south of border [29.11.12]
Promotions ban has 'negligible impact' [29.11.12]
Public health specialist: licence grants 'major blow' [29.11.12]
Board's late fee payment anger [14.11.12]
Inverness calls time on curfew [14.11.12]
BBC U-Turn on cheap drink claims
Make alcohol 'unpleasantly expensive'
'Carlisle could become the new Calais' [11.10.12]
Aberdeen revokes alleged 'criminal link' premises
Angus Boards 'cancels' 17 licences [11.10.12]
Fears over police licensing staff cuts
Illegal workers hotel survives with warning
ID test methods backlash [8.9.12]
Northumberland sparks 'booze bus' row [8.9.12]
NHS report: Scots drinking less [8.9.12]
Sheriff orders licence suspension U-turn [8.9.12]
'Trade entitled to a fair hearing' [23.8.12]
Bar manager calls for review after court acquittal [21.8.12]
Convener calls for more evidence on causes of alcohol harm [21.8.12]
Inverclyde crackdown on young drinkers [26.7.12]
'Cull' of licensed premises 'off the wall' [26.7.12]
'Pressure on trade continues to mount' [26.7.12]
Highland late hours catering consultation [9.7.12]
Stirling agrees PEL exemptions [8.7.12]
Counterfeit alcohol hotspots revealed [6.4.12]
Under 18s at home drinking court warning [31.3.12]
Board raises off-sale purchase age [28.3.12]
'Notorious'pub's licence revoked [25.3.12]
Buckfast take issue with MP's 'harm' claim [22.3.12]
Edinburgh suspends 36 licences for non-payment of fees [22.3.12]
Small shops reject 'immoral sales' claim [24.12.11]
Alcohol 'too available' in parts of Highlands [20.12.11]
Capital Police blitz criminals' 'safe havens' [12.12.11]
Wigtown premises face policy-change 'meltdown' [12.12.11]
Eight-week off-sales suspension [2.12.11]
Scotland takes on old enemy [2.12.11]
Call for train alcohol ban [16.11.11]
Below-cost alcohol ban in England and Wales [9.11.11]
'Ban price-based alcohol advertising'- SLTA [17.3.12]
More drinking 'not in keeping' with Jubilee celebrations [12.3.12]
Stores count cost of new Act [12.3.12]
Operator wins review CCTV dispute [7.2.12]
Five-day suspension for fee defaulters [18.1.12]
Call for 'special alcohol courts' [16.1.12]
Addiction expert: Ban alcohol in supermarkets [11.1.12]
Charity criticises pubco's 'January sale' [5.1.12]
SGF: 'Alcohol strategy is failing' [28.6.12]
Scotrail introduces alcohol ban [24.6.12]
'Health' policies holding firm [19.6.12]
New review for Inverness curfew [19.6.12]
Shops fear new licence burden [19.6.12]
Supermarket says 'Sorry' for alcohol sign [15.6.12]
New Edinburgh Board Convener vows to revisit 'drunk tank' plans [21.5.12]
'Differentiation' will push up spirit prices [16.5.12]
Edinburgh turns down extra hours on 'Super Saturday' [9.5.12]
Edinburgh turns down extra hours on 'Super Saturday' [9.5.12]
Falkirk urged to give pubs 'fairer deal' [9.5.12]
Falkirk urged to give pubs 'fairer deal' [9.5.12]
Asda hit with 24-hour suspension [19.4.12]
Inverness curfew 'sends wrong message' [13.4.12]
Call for 'special alcohol courts' [16.1.12]
Addiction expert: Ban alcohol in supermarkets [11.1.12]
Charity criticises pubco's 'January sale' [5.1.12]
Small shops reject 'immoral sales' claim [24.12.11]
Alcohol 'too available' in parts of Highlands [20.12.11]
Capital Police blitz criminals' 'safe havens' [12.12.11]
Wigtown premises face policy-change 'meltdown' [12.12.11]
Eight-week off-sales suspension [2.12.11]
Scotland takes on old enemy [2.12.11]
Call for train alcohol ban [16.11.11]
Below-cost alcohol ban in England and Wales [9.11.11]
LSO points up Alcohol Act confusion [14.10.11]
Publicans fear age challenge 'backlash' [4.10.11]
Supermarkets face alcohol sales levy [22.9.11]
Glasgow 'problem premises' face major crackdown [22.9.11]
Retailers fear blame for promotions bans [19.9.11]
New promo controls: SGF calls for 'commonsense' [15.9.11]
Perth pubs under pressure [12.9.11]
North Ayrshire backs violence-reduction campaign [29.8.11]
Test-purchase failures: police point to riots [11.8.11]
Shopkeeper hits back at review warning [6.8.11]
Argyll & Bute 'startling non-compliance' [5.8.11]
Edinburgh suspends fee defaulters licences [4.8.11]
Call for improved licensed premises  fire safety [2.8.11]
'New twist' in Ayrshire superpub war  [29.7.11]

MacAskill praises 'Bottlewatch' initiative [23.7.11]
Glasgow and Govt promise agency sales crackdown [21.7.11]
Strathclyde's 'shame' of police call-outs [8.7.11]
Sturgeon: War on cheap alcohol top priority [4.7.11]
First city-wide exclusion order [4.7.11]
Board member cleared in standards row [29.6.11]
Scottish Lib-Dems minimum pricing u-turn [6.6.11]
Perth bar conditions battle goes to appeal [6.6.11]
Perth extends club hours [2.6.11]
Stores may face self-service alcohol ban [1.6.11]
Minimum pricing: 'more problems than it solves' [24.5.11]
Pubs launch 'level playing field' campaign [17.5.11]
Board issues electricity warnings [7.5.11]
SBPA: 'Give the licensed industry a break' [29.4.11]
Dundee set to extend bottle-marking [22.4.11]
Police under fire over Old Firm crackdown [12.4.11]
Chief Constable joins minimum pricing call [6.4.11]
Tourism call for earlier Capital Sunday pub opening [28.3.11]
'Self-service' bar's licence suspended [28.3.11]
'Alcohol apocalypse' warning [23.3.11]
Minimum pricing: time to admit defeat [15.3.11]
Sturgeon promises renewed pricing campaign [14.3.11]
Licence levy 'fraught with danger' [5.3.11]
Pricing debate was 'David against Goliath' [19.2.11]
First Dundee licence suspension [19.2.11]
Royal wedding 'postcode lottery' [17.2.11]
Country divided on Royal wedding extensions [14.2.11]
First Dundee licence suspension [19.2.11]
Royal wedding 'postcode lottery' [17.2.11]
Country divided on Royal wedding extensions [14.2.11]
Six-month suspension for test-purchase failures [10.2.11]
First Scottish Borders licence suspension [3.2.11]
Newspaper reveals 'true toll' of Fife 'underage drinking' [3.2.11]
Salmond: Holyrood opposition should be ashamed [21.1.11]
Westminster coalition plans price controls [19.1.11]
Inverness sticks with curfew [14.1.11]
Door supervision cutback fears [13.1.11]
Aberdeen 'warnings' appeals dropped [29.12.10]
MacAskill warns on glass attacks [23.12.10]
Crackdown on violence in Aberdeen bars [21.12.10]
Edinburgh may extend overprovision zones [7.12.10]
Westminster plans 'below cost' ban [4.12.10]
MSP exposes alcohol supply loophole [4.12.10]
Superpub ruling sparks outrage [19.11.10]
Aberdeen door staff warning [18.11.10]
Nightclub boss to test overprovision policy [14.11.10]
Aberdeen nightclub escapes suspension [28.10.10]
Councillor blasts festive extensions [18.10.10]
Edinburgh issues promotions warning [4.10.10]
SBPA challenges overprovision assessment [4.10.10]
Aberdeen cinema refused licence variation [24.9.10]
'Fix poverty before dealing with alcohol problems' [7.9.10]
Minimum pricing 'guinea pig' plan 'deeply irresponsible' [7.9.10]
Pubs report consumption fall [4.9.10]
'Bust myths before changing the law' [30.8.10]
Glasgow consults on city saturation areas [30.8.10]
'Give licensing powers to the courts' [30.8.10]
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