MacAskill praises 'Bottlewatch' initiative [23.7.11]
Glasgow and Govt promise agency sales crackdown [21.7.11]
Strathclyde's 'shame' of police call-outs [8.7.11]
Sturgeon: War on cheap alcohol top priority [4.7.11]
First city-wide exclusion order [4.7.11]
Board member cleared in standards row [29.6.11]
Scottish Lib-Dems minimum pricing u-turn [6.6.11]
Perth bar conditions battle goes to appeal [6.6.11]
Perth extends club hours [2.6.11]
Stores may face self-service alcohol ban [1.6.11]
Minimum pricing: 'more problems than it solves' [24.5.11]
Pubs launch 'level playing field' campaign [17.5.11]
Board issues electricity warnings [7.5.11]
SBPA: 'Give the licensed industry a break' [29.4.11]
Dundee set to extend bottle-marking [22.4.11]
Police under fire over Old Firm crackdown [12.4.11]
Chief Constable joins minimum pricing call [6.4.11]
Tourism call for earlier Capital Sunday pub opening [28.3.11]
'Self-service' bar's licence suspended [28.3.11]
'Alcohol apocalypse' warning [23.3.11]
Minimum pricing: time to admit defeat [15.3.11]
Sturgeon promises renewed pricing campaign [14.3.11]
Licence levy 'fraught with danger' [5.3.11]
Pricing debate was 'David against Goliath' [19.2.11]
First Dundee licence suspension [19.2.11]
Royal wedding 'postcode lottery' [17.2.11]
Country divided on Royal wedding extensions [14.2.11]
First Dundee licence suspension [19.2.11]
Royal wedding 'postcode lottery' [17.2.11]
Country divided on Royal wedding extensions [14.2.11]
Six-month suspension for test-purchase failures [10.2.11]
First Scottish Borders licence suspension [3.2.11]
Newspaper reveals 'true toll' of Fife 'underage drinking' [3.2.11]
Salmond: Holyrood opposition should be ashamed [21.1.11]
Westminster coalition plans price controls [19.1.11]
Inverness sticks with curfew [14.1.11]
Door supervision cutback fears [13.1.11]
Aberdeen 'warnings' appeals dropped [29.12.10]
MacAskill warns on glass attacks [23.12.10]
Crackdown on violence in Aberdeen bars [21.12.10]
Edinburgh may extend overprovision zones [7.12.10]
Westminster plans 'below cost' ban [4.12.10]
MSP exposes alcohol supply loophole [4.12.10]
Superpub ruling sparks outrage [19.11.10]
Aberdeen door staff warning [18.11.10]
Nightclub boss to test overprovision policy [14.11.10]
Aberdeen nightclub escapes suspension [28.10.10]
Councillor blasts festive extensions [18.10.10]
Edinburgh issues promotions warning [4.10.10]
SBPA challenges overprovision assessment [4.10.10]
Aberdeen cinema refused licence variation [24.9.10]
'Fix poverty before dealing with alcohol problems' [7.9.10]
Minimum pricing 'guinea pig' plan 'deeply irresponsible' [7.9.10]
Pubs report consumption fall [4.9.10]
'Bust myths before changing the law' [30.8.10]
Glasgow consults on city saturation areas [30.8.10]
'Give licensing powers to the courts' [30.8.10]
SBPA slams 'alternative to pubs' [16.8.10]
Traders face tough action on fee debts [27.7.10]
New Act has 'created licensed trade deserts' [14.7.10]
Call for ban on alcohol loyalty points [1.7.10)

Use toughened glass - or face consequences [8.6.10]
Promo restrictions 'will hit small retailers' [3.6.10]
New Act 'threatens small businesses' [1.6.10]
Call for alcohol caffeine limit [1.6.10]
City accused of alfresco 'profiteering' [26.5.10]
Green light for test-tube shooters [14.5.10]
Lap dancing curbs on hold [14.5.10]
Call for ban on alcohol loyalty points [14.5.10]
Reinstatement of 'staff drinks' exemption fails [12.5.10]
Supermarket alcohol deals 'ridiculous'  [11.5.10]
Pubcos call for action on supermarkets [5.5.10]
Labour: Government failing to 'get tough' on breaches [30.4.10]
Edinburgh pubs' Sunday opening bid fails [29.4.10]
Aberdeen city centre residents want licence curbs [27.4.10]
Aberdeen removes nightclubs curfew [8.4.10]
Town centres 'key to binge drinking battle' [19.4.10]
Licensees 'incensed' by Board member's call for action [9.4.10]
Pubs face closure over toilet deficiencies [9.4.10]
Aberdeen city centre residents want licence curbs [27.4.10]
Town centres 'key to binge drinking battle' [19.4.10]
Licensees 'incensed' by Board member's call for action [9.4.10]
Pubs face closure over toilet deficiencies [9.4.10]
Aberdeen removes nightclubs curfew [8.4.10]
'Domestic drinking epidemic' closing pubs [6.4.10]
Pubs bid for 8 am Sunday opening [6.4.10]
Perth reviews nightclub hours [3.4.10]
Glasgow off-sales hit by licence suspensions [3.4.10]
Sharp dip in Edinburgh licence numbers [3.4.10]
Perth bar protests 'record conditions' [25.2.10]
Only raising prices can curb alcohol misuse [8.2.10]
Labour proposes alcohol/caffeine combo ban [8.2.10]
Shop caught in 'blitz' suffers licence suspension [5.2.10]
Edinburgh underage crackdown [5.2.10]

Fees arrears put licences in danger [27.1.10]
Bar suffers 'on the spot' closure [22.1.10]
Restrictions fail to measure up [14.1.10]
English retailers face alcohol display restrictions [11.1.10]
No minimum pricing - just maximum policing [2.12.09]
Price increases 'will help heaviest drinkers' [2.11.09]

Crackdown on premises serving drunks [30.10.09]
40 per cent of licences yet to be issued' [30.10.09]
Minimum pricing 'will kill off' own-brand whisky [26.10.09]
Capital pubs face festive closure [27.11.09]
Responsible retailing and individual responsibility [13.10.09]
Police chief: pub drinking helps reduce violence [7.10.09]
Dundee promises promos crackdown [28.9.09]
Aberdeen club curfew 'mayhem' [28.9.09]
'Loophole' exploiters will be 'brought to task' [21.9.09]
Retailers hit out at chaos [18.9.09]
OFT expresses minimum-pricing concerns [18.9.09]
Trade complains of double fees whammy [14.9.09]
'80 per cent of pubs waiting for licences' [9.9.09]
New Act 'attacks responsible businesses' [9.09.09]
One in five premises closed [7.9.09]
Bar staff banned from asking: 'Same again?' [30.8.09]
Trade claims new Act creates chaos [30.8.09]
Dundee premises face deadline danger [20.8.09]
Labour set to support minimum pricing [17.8.09] Report denied  [18.8.09]
10 am start fears [7.8.09]
'Replace hammer with dynamite'
Alcohol strategy 'in chaos' [1.8.09]
Time for 'long, hard look at legislation' [1.8.09]
Independent shops costs fears [1.8.09]
Buckfast maker takes Glasgow to court [30.7.09]
North-east licensees caught out by transition [27.7.09]
Sunday off-sales 'outrage'  [27.7.09]
Dry area chaos as premises miss last orders [13.7.09]
Dozens of Dumfries and Galloway premises face closure  [6.7.09]
Act preparations 'bureaucratic nightmare' [30.6.09]
Chairman's 'last chance' warning to lap dance clubs [29.6.09]
Glasgow Board Chairman: suspensions loophole 'dire state of affairs' [30.6.09]
Aberdeen City changes curfew condition [22.6.09]
'Thousands' yet to lodge personal licence applications [19.6.09]
Dundee pubs 'putting future at risk' [19.6.09]
Trade faces personal licences crisis [18.6.09]
Hundreds of premises face closure [12.6.09]
Study claims minimum pricing won't work [6.6.09]
Government urged to delay 2005 Act start date [6.6.09]
Call for minimum pricing to curb teenage alcoholism [2.6.09]
SBPA: Aberdeen curfew will cause 'public safety issues' [21.5.09]
Minimum pricing will not penalise 'poor people' [19.5.09]
Pubs drop-out rate 'alarming' [13.5.09]
Call for crackdown on 'agency' sales [8.5.09]
McLeish urges Labour to back SNP alcohol plans [20.4.09]
Licensing boards 'should consider health' [3.4.09]
'Early doors' pubs face last orders [27.3.09]
Licensing Board clamps down on adult entertainment [27.3.09]
Buckfast distributors plan action against Boards [10.3.09]
Conversion costs hit tourist sites [25.2.09]
Alcohol blueprint 'will deepen recession' [20.2.09]
New alcohol sponsorship guidelines [5.2.09]
Labour plans to curb underage sales [3.2.09]
Perth councillor condemns 99p pints [12.1.09]